Saturday, 4 May 2013

My battle for Croesus Retail Trust

Hi all,

I'm sitting at home next to the 153 pages prospectus for the IPO subscription to Croesus Retail Trust.

Having some diversification to Japan in my portfolio wouldn't be such a bad idea and since I missed MappleTree plus top investors such as Citadel or D.E. Shaw are investing in it, I am also thinking of having a piece of the cake.

Now this has been proven quite a challenge so far and I'm not done yet. It turns out I'm using Standard Chartered Online Trading Account, so far with the most competitive rates on the market (no fixed commission fee). However in order to suscribe to the IPO you need a CDP account which is not provided with this bank.

So on this lovely Saturday morning I looked into what was necessary for me to be able to subscribe to the IPO and get the CDP account, turns out that through DBS it might be one of the easiest way to go, so I went to one of the only 2 branches opened late (after 3pm) in Singapore: the Marina Bay Sands Branch - yes this is damn stupid, turn out the two branches are open so late because of the casino needs, but still had to queue in this tiny-far-away branch and wait 3hours+.

Now that I have the bank account account opened I still need to open the DBS Vicers trading account (which should come with a CDP account) and transfer the funds in time....quite a challenge, will update later if successful or not, I'm doing it this monday....!

Worse case scenario, I will buy post-IPO, depending on stock performance.


So Monday morning of the week of the IPO, with the IPO application closing on the 8th of May at 12pm, I went to the DBS branch at Marina boulevard...for nothing. The DBS Vicars account manager told me that I wouldn't be able to have my CDP account open on time and advised me to go directly to SGX to open only the CDP account.

Then on Tuesday I went to the SGX office on Shenton Way to get my CDP account opened, which took only 10min and the staff was really nice. Just they couldn't tell me if I could link my CDP account with my Standard Chartered Trading account if I wanted at some point to sell my shares.
In the meantime, my fund transfer of money to my new DBS account was still not showing. I could see the money out of the Standard Chartered account but not yet in the DBS one...

After several refresh of my DBS online app during the past 15hours I woke up on the 8th with a good news, the funds had arrived on time and I went to the POSB ATM to make my bid. 

Victory! Will update you on the results on how many lots I got in the end.

Last update after ballot assignment: 0 lots! Terrible defeat at the end, after all those efforts and wasted $2. Hope next time I will get luckier.


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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Introducing portfolio B and entering May with a strong performance

Hi Everyone,

One I first started this blog I mentioned that I would create two portfolios, and now it's a done thing! However I realized down the road that it would be difficult to have typically two completely separate portfolios. '

You see, when you have one active portfolio, you start following every heartbeat of it, hence you can feel better if there is upside potential on one of your active stocks. So when I started building Porfolio B I was really tempted to add some of the existing stocks of Portfolio B, but still adding other stocks otherwise it would defy the purpose of having two portfolios.

First let's disclose the current status of Portfolio A:

 As you might observe I added one additional stock to the portfolio: Capitamall Trust. When I was building portfolio B I was realising that this REIT was at a low and decided to add it as well to my existing portfolio.

Total assets are now worth SGD 19,735 with a performance of nearly 10% in 4 months, and 1.4% in addition coming from dividends.

I'm sure my two stocks in the Oil industry are hurting your eyes, I'm still hoping to see those two go up on the long term and to cash in a bit of dividends to balance this bad investment.

Introducing you Portfolio B!

Let's look a bit more into details of this portfolio that has been showing a strong performance very quickly.

All stocks were bought on the 11th of March 2013, yielding 5.62% in one month and a half. :)
The total nominal investment was of S$ 17,662 and currently valued at S$ 18,655.

Starting with the usual suspects, I added to the portfolio the following existing stocks: Singapore Post, Lippo Malls, CitySpring Infrastructure, Cache Logistics, Ascendas India Trust and STXOSV. For all those I was thinking there was more room for upside, and I was obviously wrong for STXOSV but that's another story.

Focusing on the new stocks:  
  • HPH Trust has been showing strong dividend yields hence I wanted to add it to the portfolio plus it gives some diversification in the maritime industry
  • AIMSAMPI to add another high yield reit, invested in warehouses, logistitics, business parks and high tech spaces with a predominant exposure to Singapore
  • Parkaway Life is more of a macro decision, health and aging population is obviously one of the biggest challenges of our century, so it's more of a long term bet
  •  Capitamall Trust, specialised in retail malls, is also a good yielder

On the Dividend Side:
  • Cashed in S$80 from M1 on Portfolio A
  • For a total of S$ 222 since the beginning
Until next time! Leaving you with a talented video that someone at work circulated:


Friday, 15 February 2013

Bullish in February

Hi all,

Latest news on Portfolio A. STX and Technics Oil & Gas still heavily in the red but I decided to keep them and see what happens.
Otherwise all in the green with a total portfolio up 5.22%.

I've also mapped my dividends to come per Stock and per Month till the rest of the year:











I'm missing some information on one Dividend date for Kingsmen Creatives. If I look historically they were distributing dividends in February but non news so far.

That's all folks!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

All the best for 2013! Health and Prosperity!

Hi everyone and all the best for 2013!

A quick overview of portfolio A as of today:

First I'm using a different portfolio manager program: Yahoo Finance is very intuitive, more information, easy to customize, and you can add charts, news, etc.

Loss makers:

  1. STX OSV - unfortunately a stupid Italian company decided to bid below market price (1.25 or so) to repurchase and bring private, big hit
  2. M1
  3. Technics Oil and Gas
=> Looks like my diversification in the Oil services is not so successful so far. I intend to hold on Technics Oil and Gas but might sell STX if it gains back its initial value.

Money Makers:
  1. Lippo Malls
  2. Sabana
  3. Cache
=> REITs are doing good. Nothing to complain on this end.

Unfortunately we still didn't build our second portfolio, having some issues with Standard Chartered which didn't properly created our online banking account.

Until next time enjoy the week end!

Monday, 17 December 2012

Portfolio A - Locked and Loaded!

In my last post I was mentioning that the first portfolio was not 100% completed because we were pending a few trades.
Now it's all good. See below:

Portfolio is already a tiny up (not including brokerage fees which I will discuss in another post), which makes us happy :)

I also downloaded a free Android app to follow the performance of the portfolio which is quite useful.
The app is name Stocks Portfolio and built by HexaHis, you can find it HERE.
If you know a better one feel free to share. It's not 100% accurate on the portfolio valuation and I believe it's because of decimal point issues.

That's all for today! Thanks for reading!

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Let us introduce you to our two portfolios!

Hi everyone,

First a quick introduction. The intent of this blog is to share our findings and investments on various markets (but more specifically Singapore)  with the target to achieve revenue growth of our portfolio and get a steady dividend income, or to make it short:

After saving for quite some time we thought it might be a good idea to invest into other assets than property. This is why we started looking at equities and high yield equities which would help us combat this terrible inflation that we can observe on a daily basis, just going out to the supermarket or going to the restaurant.

We will share our thoughts and allocations on two portfolios :

  • Portfolio A for Alessandra  - a traditional High Dividend Yield portfolio
  • Portfolio B for Bridget - a mix of high growth stocks and high yield dividend stocks
Lets try it to keep it sexy! Go Girls!

Portfolio A already got into two phases. One first selection of a few high yield stocks:

Before completing a bit more the portfolio which currently looks like this:

* In red: Order pending execution.

As you can see those are mostly high yield stocks. We wanted a diversification in the portfolio across different industries and with no overweight (nothing above 20%). Value of the portfolio is at S$15850.

As for Portfolio B, it's still under construction but here is a first draft:

Still some overweight we need to figure out. Value of the portfolio is at S$10605.

We will detail in other articles the different choices that led us to build those two portfolios. Time for me to turn off the light!

Hope you will find some interest on this blog.